Name : Achernar
Designation : Alpha Eridani
Constellation : Eridanus
Apparent Magnitude : 0.5

Absolute Magnitude : -1.6
Distance : 144 light years
Luminosity x Sun : 400
Frontier Coordinates : 1,-4

The name Achernar means "The end of the river" in Arabic, which is appropriate as it marks the southern end of the long, winding constellation of Eridanus - the River. Eridanus travels as far north as the area around Orion, and is adjacent to Rigel in that constellation. The star itself occupies a fairly empty region of the southern hemisphere of the night sky making it easy to identify for southern observers.

In Frontier, Achernar is one of the three most significant star systems, along with Sol and Alioth. It is the home system of the Empire, with the Emperor resident on Capitol. This system of over 10 billion citizens spread over three planets rules this entire section of the galaxy.

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