Nintendo NES Elite Information

Released by Imagineer in 1991, Nintendo Elite is probably the most remarkable version of classic Elite, as it was written for a machine previously thought only capable of handling sprites, rather than fast-moving wire-frame graphics. Both co-authors are on record as saying that this version is amongst their favourites.

As the NES had no keyboard, an innovative icon-based system was employed, which worked remarkably well and did not hinder the player in any appreciable way. NES Elite had a few enhancements such as pictures of each system and is a very worthy addition to the various versions of Elite.

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Playing Nintendo Elite on your PC

1. Download a Nintendo Emulator, such as FCEUX
2. Download the game from Ian Bell's Elite Page

The original Elite was released in a number of languages. Click below left to see the box for the Italian version of Nintendo Elite, or click below right for the first page of the manual.