Frontier First Encounters D3D

FFE D3D is an adaptation of the original FFE game. As the screenshots below show, the FFE engine has been completely overhauled and produces much-improved graphics; the planets and sky/space are more detailed and most of the ships and buildings have been updated.
Two new builds are currently available, by Ittiz and AndyJ

This is a short video of Frontier First Encounters D3D. It shows an Imperial Trader launching from Nakasone in the Edphize system and docking at an orbital city in the same system.

This video shows the FFE intro movie as displayed in the D3D version of the game

Running The Game

Please note that Frontier First Encounters is shareware
The shareware version of the game can be downloaded from here

FFED3D Ittiz Version 3

• Download the complete game, including the (in)famous bulletin board videos from Space Sim Central Ittiz v3

FFED3D AndyJ Version

• If you don't already have FFED3D installed, download it from Space Sim Central FFED3D
This download does not include the videos which are in the Ittiz package above, but is a much smaller download (176MB v 430MB)

• Download the AndyJ patch from Space Sim Central
Extract the contents of this zip file into your FFED3D folder. Some files will be overwritten so you may want to make a back-up first
Full details of the changes and enhancements are in the FFED3DAJ_readme and FFED3DAJ_versions files, and are configurable in the ffed3daj.cfg file

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