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BBC Master version & Elite-A

Click here to learn all about BBC Elite on cassette tape, its strengths and weaknesses plus unique features

Often referred to as the "classic" version of BBC Elite, click here to find out what made the disc version so good

BBC Master Elite was a substantially enhanced version of the classic game. Elite-A added even more features to the basic game.

BBC Elite In The Media

This is a scan of the full-colour two-page advertisement placed by Acornsoft in the October 1984 edition of Acorn User Magazine. It gives a good overview both of the game itself and also the extras included, such as the novella and flight training manual.
Comparison with other game adverts in the magazine only serves to illustrate how far ahead of the competition Elite and Acornsoft were.

This is a scan of the single-page review of Elite in the October 1984 edition of Acorn User Magazine. Written by Tony Quinn, it is not a full review but it does cover the important aspects of the game and reproduces the familiar mock-up screenshot with numerous ships on-screen. It is worth noting that the retail prices shown are incorrect; BBC disc Elite actually sold at £17.65 and the Electron version for £12.95

16 months after Elite was released for the BBC and Acorn Electron computers, and possibly to coincide with the arrival of enhanced BBC Master versions of Elite, The Micro User magazine produced a two-part guide to playing Elite in the January & February 1986 editions. The January publication also featured some Elite-based artwork on the front cover, as shown here.

Click on the image for Part 1 to open the full contents.
Part 2 is merely a cheat program and of little practical use.

In December 1984 Acorn News magazine published this article on Elite, together with a photo of the two authors (Ian Bell is on the right)